Stories from the Road: Driving Cross Country in Your EV

As you probably know by now, we are on the road in our first ever electric vehicle driving experience. Our round-trip road trip to Salt Lake City is over 2,00 miles.

In order to prepare for our trip, we met with local connections who drive an electric vehicle. Mark and Kathleen Bernick are member-owners of Stearns Electric Association who own their Tesla Model X. In addition to providing us with the top things to know about driving EVs, they shared a story with us about their first time driving cross-country in the Tesla Model X.

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Supercharger Story: Lusk, Wyoming

On our road trip, one of our stops was the small town of Lusk, Wyoming. Population 1,557. Although nearly every single charging location we have traveled to so far has provided its own charm, the community of Lusk was one to highlight.

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EV Charging 101

We’ve been getting quite a few questions about charging so we thought we’d answer the most common ones right here on the blog! Check it out.

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5 Resources for Finding Chargers On the Road

5 resources for locating charging stations

Taking a road trip in an electric vehicle initially seems like an impossible venture. But, with some flexibility and some planning, its not only doable, its enjoyable. The biggest concern though: are there enough charging stations and where do you find them?

Luckily there are more than 17,000 publicly available charging stations throughout the nation’s 50 states, accounting for over 50,000 individual charging outlets. Here are some of the top resources for locating chargers while on the road, especially if you’re planning a road trip like us.

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How to Plot a Route for an EV Road Trip

How We Plotted Our EV Expedition

Traveling in an electric vehicle (EV) gets easier every day because of the expanding charging infrastructure and the growing distance EVs can travel before needing to recharge. This is also making it easier to travel beyond your typical daily route and take a long distance road trip – just like us! However, there are nowhere near as many charging stations as gas stations, so some planning is required. And if you knew us personally you would know that we like to have a little more control over our plans than others. Thankfully there are plenty of online tools and resources available to help you plan your trip quickly.

Here’s a quick overview on how we plotted our trip:

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