Road Trip Recharge #14: Lusk, WY


MILES DRIVEN SINCE LAST CHARGE:  225.1 miles since last charge.

KWH USED:  66 kWh used.

TYPE OF CHARGER: Tesla Supercharger

LOCATION DETAILS: This Supercharger is located at at the Covered Wagon Motel (America’s Best Value Inn.) Located across the street is a Best Western Motel, and there are a few places to eat, shop and sight-see in the city. See our Supercharger Story on Lusk in a previous post!

WHAT WE DID WHILE CHARGING: We hung out in the car while waiting for the vehicle to charge since it started raining on us again! That way we would know when we could make the final drive for the day. Amanda called her family and we got to catch up on the blog and our Facebook page since we didn’t have service for much of the drive here.

TIME START: 5:25 p.m.

TIME END: 6:05 p.m.

LENGTH OF CHARGE: 40 minutes

WH/MILE: 293 Wh/mile

HOW WE’RE FEELING: WE MADE IT!!! The battery was at 5% when we arrived with only 15 miles left on our charge. It was tough because we couldn’t go the speed limit almost the whole way to Lusk or we wouldn’t have made it. We had to go 65 mph in 80 mph speed areas and were getting passed by everyone. Although this might sound like an inconvenience, we actually saved about 1.5 hours on our total drive by going this route. We were only 10 minutes behind our initial estimated time of arrival in Lusk by going a little slower and are expected to arrive in Rapid City at 8:30 p.m., which is awesome.

Whitney experienced a bit of range anxiety on this stretch because as soon as we left Rawlins the car was already telling us to slow down. Most of the route was void of populated towns, gas stations and cell service, which only added to that anxiety. However, we knew we needed to “trust the car,” so we listened to all of the prompts and the car did not let us down.

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