Road Trip Recharge #9: Rock Springs, WY

LOCATION: Behind Applebee’s in the mall parking lot.

MILES DRIVEN SINCE LAST CHARGE:  115.9 miles since last charge.

KWH USED:  43.4 kWh used.

TYPE OF CHARGER: Tesla Supercharger

LOCATION DETAILS: The Supercharger stations are conveniently located in the parking lot of a mall with a variety of stores. Right next to the charging stations you’ll also find an Applebees and a Japanese Steakhouse.

WHAT WE DID WHILE CHARGING: We headed over to Applebee’s to eat during this charge stop. After a long day of sitting in the car we weren’t incredibly hungry so we just ordered some appetizers and caught up with all of our followers online after hitting a number of areas today with no cell service.

TIME START: 8:52 p.m.

TIME END: 9:53 p.m.

LENGTH OF CHARGE: 61 minutes

WH/MILE: 374 Wh/mile

HOW WE’RE FEELING: We are tired and ready to be in Salt Lake City. We’ve definitely enjoyed the drive out but it’s dark now and it’s been two full days of constant driving and writing. We’re ready to catch up on a little sleep before tomorrow’s EV Pre-Conference Workshop at the 2018 NRECA CONNECT Conference.

OTHER NOTES: Just because we are arriving in Salt Lake City for a conference doesn’t mean we’ll be taking a break from the blog. Tomorrow you can expect to see some more information on charging, the pre-conference, the other teams that participated in the Drive EVent and the electric car show! Watch for some great pictures on our social channels, too!


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