Road Trip Recharge #6: Lusk, WY

LOCATION: America’s Best Value Inn- Covered Wagon

MILES DRIVEN SINCE LAST CHARGE:  171.4 miles since last charge.

KWH USED:  57.2 kWh used.

TYPE OF CHARGER: Tesla Supercharger

LOCATION DETAILS: The Supercharger is located in the parking lot of the Covered Wagon Motel. A Best Western is located just across the street, and downtown Lusk is just a short walk away. We passed several store fronts along the way, including shopping, restaurants and gas stations. There was a cute Bed & Breakfast and even a Stage Coach Museum.

WHAT WE DID WHILE CHARGING: We enjoyed really wonderful pizza at The Pizza Place, rated as one of USA Today’s top 50 pizza places in the United States. We then headed back to the motel where the Superchargers are located to talk to the motel workers about the impact on their business of having the Tesla Superchargers in their parking lot. We will post a blog story feature on this stop later this trip.

TIME START: 12:05 p.m.

TIME END: 1:25 p.m.

LENGTH OF CHARGE: 80 minutes

WH/MILE: 334 Wh/mile

HOW WE’RE FEELING: Originally, according to our Tesla’s navigation system, we were supposed to drive from Lusk to Rawlins, WY. However, as we got back into our car, we noticed that our Tesla re-routed us to Laramie, WY. Despite the re-route, our range anxiety is still high. We are facing heavy winds and a rainstorm at this time, which we know impacts our vehicle’s total mileage range. We are also preparing for a very late night of driving as our new Salt Lake City ETA is about Midnight.

OTHER NOTES: The town of Lusk was very welcoming, we were able to stop by the Niobrara Electric Association (an electric cooperative) where we were warmly welcomed. The Lusk Chamber of Commerce emailed us to make sure we had everything we needed during our time there, and The Pizza Place even took time to fill us in on their company’s history.

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