What is Road Trip; Recharged?

Road Trip; Recharged Logo

Stearns Electric Association is sending two Minnesota millennials on a cross-country electric vehicle expedition to gain the hands-on experience we need to stand as the trusted source of energy information for our member-owners.

Traveling over 1,200 miles in a Tesla S across rural America, we will be keeping an extensive driving log, collecting data for research, providing electric vehicle education and sharing our experiences along the way.

Road Trip; Recharged is one of the many stories that will be documented as part of Touchstone Energy’s Drive to CONNECT EVent. Although electric cooperatives have been embracing this technology for years, EVs are growing in popularity. As more member-owners seek to purchase EVs, co-ops are committed to understanding the full spectrum of this technology. The Drive to Connect EVent is one way co-ops are joining together to celebrate, support and learn about this innovative energy solution.

Upon arrival in Salt Lake City for the annual CONNECT Conference, hosted by the National Rural Electric Association, Amanda and Whitney will join co-op employees from across the country to share their data and stories from the road.

We hope you follow us on this EV Expedition as we navigate our way across the country! Our story is meant to be both informative and fun, telling the real-life adventure of two brand new EV drivers traveling on this Road Trip; Recharged. Can you believe we planned and executed this journey in only 10 days? Neither can we.

Follow our journey here on this blog or on our social media channels linked below.

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